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Finding and restoring vintage cars is a fun and rewarding pastime. A-1 Auto Headliners in Birmingham, AL can keep your car looking its best with high-quality car headliner replacement services. From classic muscle cars to modern economy vehicles, I can make the inside of your ride look clean and stylish.

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What causes a headliner to sag?

What causes a headliner to sag?

There are many factors that could cause your headliner upholstery to start sagging or fraying at the edges. Some of the biggest reasons are:

  • Heat - Your car headliner can stretch with extreme heat. Keep your vehicle parked in a shaded area to prevent stretching.
  • Moisture - Accidentally leaving your windows or sunroof open when it rains can cause the adhesive to lose its grip on the foam or fabric.
  • Age - The adhesion might become less sticky with age and cause the foam or fabric to start sagging.
If your headliner upholstery has seen better days, contact A-1 Auto Headliners to schedule a car headliner replacement today.