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Restore your car headliner fabric in Birmingham, AL

Your car headliner is the fabric that covers the ceiling in your car. The car headliner fabric covers a foam padding and hardliner board that adheres to the metal car frame. When the headliner of your car starts to sag or detach at the edges, it can make your car feel a lot older than it is.

A-1 Auto Headliners can restore your car headliner fabric no matter where you are. I provide same-day mobile headliner replacement services throughout Birmingham, AL.

Your car deserves better

Your car deserves better

Your car headliner is important to the appearance of your car. From your company vehicle to your vintage show car, you want every detail to look professional and clean. A-1 Auto Headliners has over 22 years of car headliner fabric replacement experience and can make sure your vehicle's interior is in top condition.

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